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How to setup Boom Pow! (bPoW) on Windows


Install bPoW requirements

Requirements are:


To check if python is working we could start it with the commandline (cmd.exe):

python --version

It should resport a version number equal or greater than 3.6.7
Then we start the same procedure for pip

pip --version

if both are working we could go to the next step.

Edit the run_windows.bat

This batch file is a startscript for bpow. Open it in notepad (editor).
locate the line starting with set payout_address= and edit the Banano Address with yours.
Be sure that you typed your address correct! (Starting with ban_ …, no typos)
Save the file and close the notepad.

Starting the run_windows.bat

Start the batchfile by double clicking it. Two commandline windows should pop up.


Now you will see a lot of canceled requests. It’s not a bad sign. How many of them you see depends how often your computer won the race:

  1. getting request
  2. calculating proof of work
  3. send it back.

Yet you could wait for the payout…
(every 12 hour starting at 8:00 UTC: a 10K ban pool is shared between all clients based on their work they provide)

Or better visit the banano discord channel.
There you could find further help, learn about banano and have a lot of fun.